Wednesday 10 July 2024

TODMORDEN - Bottomley area

Another strimming Wednesday! 

RJ and Kasher returned to Bottomley to complete the strimming and cutting-back of a section of the Pennine Bridleway (Tod BW143). We also attacked a short but amazingly overgrown footpath (Tod FP 143). This path looked as if it had not been walked this year! Hopefully a radical haircut will encourage people to use this route, although care should be taken at the top end where the causey stones are worn and slippery.

A few more marker posts in this area would help . . . we will be back!

We then went to survey a nearby footpath (Tod 144 - between Rough Stones and Peacock Lane). CROWS worked on this path earlier in the year in an attempt to improve the drainage but the path is still very wet. We will return to strim this area and consider further improvements.

CROWS have again been 'contracted' to strim sections of the Pennine Bridleway in the Upper Calder Valley. Consequently, today's work on the PBW has been funded by Lancashire County Council. All other strimming and surveying work was funded by Todmorden Town Council. Many thanks to both authorities..

Strimming near one of the Summit Tunnel
ventilation shafts on the PBW.

One PBW sign in need of fettling
. . . or perhaps replacing.

RJ and an extremely overgrown
footpath. It's heavy-duty strimming time!

The end of the day feeling!

A path waiting for walkers and explorers.
Please use it!

After a radical cut back, the sign for TOD 143
is now visible from the road - so no excuses . . .