Tuesday, 11 August 2020


Frank, Nick and Ian were called out to secure a small footbridge on the path by the mill dams in Middle Dean. It had been tipped down the hillside and, although someone had rescued and replaced it, it still needed to be secured to prevent further vandalism.

We arrived with a drill, a variety of drill bits, steel brackets, rawlplugs and screws to secure the bridge to the concrete base. However, our attempts to drill a sufficiently deep hole in the concrete were thwarted by a drill that was not up to the job and/or very tough ancient concrete. However, Frank spotted the original guide channels for an old gate or penstock set into the concrete walls underneath the bridge and realised that we could slot timbers into these and secure them to the main beam of the bridge. Good idea - but we had not brought any timber long enough with us! 
Not to be beaten we found a fairly decent discarded piece of wood, that must have been part of the bridge at one time. It fitted nicely into the channel. Another small wooden section was attached to other side of the bridge to prevent it sliding - job done!

Success! The new additions to the footbridge should now prevent it from being easily removed. 


 Rich J and Fred - out on a sunny day resetting old posts and adding new posts on the Todmorden Geology Trail.

I can see you!

This is an improvement! (see next picture)

Wind Farm funded.

Monday, 10 August 2020


 Mick and Frank H out on a warm, sunny day to tackle three jobs.

Job 1. On Todmorden 47 to East of Dyke Farm, below Long Causeway.

Here was a stile with a collapsed step:

Before: Not so much a step - more a pile of firewood! It doesn't look so from the
picture, but the cross-rails, although parallel, are not horizontal!

Some time later:

After: Two new step legs, one new treadboard and an extra
cross-rail added. Other cross-rails re-levelled.

Needless to say this task involved one of Mick's 'quite a long walk in'. Fortunately it was downhill. Unfortunately it was uphill for the return journey.

Job 2. On Todmorden 44 at Kebs Hill.

To be fair to Mick, this short task (replacing a treadboard) was next to the road so involved minimal walking!

Before: Old treadboard rotted through at fixing points.

A few minutes later ...

After: New treadboard in place.

Job 3. On path off Eastwood Road, leading to the Bride Stones.

Another task next to the road! Well done, Mick! ...'Two Out of Three Ain't Bad' (now, where have I heard that before?)

No stile here. Part of the fence next to an access gate for walkers had been vandalised.

Before: Damaged section. Barbed wire has been cut
and broken cross-rails are just visible on the ground.

Cross-rails were custom-fitted, and barbed wire added to Mick's specifications.

After: Stock now prevented from straying onto the road while walkers
(and dogs) have the gate and 'under-rail' access on the right.

Today's work was supported by funding from Todmorden Town Council.

COLDEN, Pennine Way

 Ian and Ginny worked at cutting back a very overgrown Pennine Way leading down to Hebble Hole.
Quite a lot of walkers were 'enjoying' this route for their summer holidays.

Before we started

But enjoyed it more when we'd done some cutting back.

A way mark post was discovered in the undergrowth ... and some steps were cleared. Still some more work to do to completely clear the path down to Hebble hole.

Friday, 7 August 2020


 Peter and Mick out today.

A rotten step on Blackshaw 51 near Hippins Clough was renewed 

 Work funded by Blackshaw Parish Council

moving on .....

Heavy cutting back needed on Todmorden 59, part of Todmorden Centenary Way at Shore

Spectacular before and after!

Work funded by Todmorden  Town Council