Wednesday, 4 August 2021

TODMORDEN - Cranberry Dam

 The 'STEPS-R-US' gang of Ray, Paul and Frank H were in action, near Cranberry Dam, trying to improve a path that leads steeply into then steeply out-of a gully.

South bank of gully (before)

Here's the south bank of the gully.  Originally the path may have continued close to the outlet of the 0.7 m diameter drainage pipe, but successive downpours have washed away any decent footholds.

At the moment the main option for walkers is to go down the scarred banking in order to cross the stream at the bottom left of the picture. 

They are then faced with . . . 

. . .  North bank of gully (before)

The perspective is deceptive. The scramble from the stream to the path at top right is ever steepening.

The stream is a trickle at the moment but the size of the drainage pipe suggests, at times, the flow could be considerable. The brown/orange deposits on the stream bed indicates the water, at some point, flows through rocks with traces of iron ore.

After a longish walk to the worksite, a brief discussion clarified thoughts on the best lines for the sets of steps and what preliminary clearance work was needed. Subsequently Paul and Ray tackled the South bank and Frank the North.

Part way through the afternoon:-

South bank of gully (after)

The banking has been cut back to shift the path more to the left. After this picture was taken another step was constructed, revetment was added to the right-hand edge and the profile of the next two steps was dug out.

There may be another step needed at the bottom of the flight  to act perhaps as a lead onto a short boardwalk. 

North bank of gully (after)

Steps constructed to sweep gracefully up towards the original path.  The spoil from digging out part of the right-hand banking was used to landscape the left-hand banking.

After this picture was taken another step was constructed at the bottom of the flight just before the stream crossing.

The next few steps leading upwards will need careful alignment. The rise is steep . . . but we have a plan!

Although rain was forecast for early afternoon, it never appeared! In this sheltered sun-trap the conditions were ideal for sitting in the shade with a cool drink and lazily contemplating the meaning of life! Unfortunately we had the alternatives - strenuous digging, heavy hammering, vigorous drilling, buckets of perspiration . . . and about half the water we would really have liked!

There are more sessions to do on these steps with the work being funded by the Crook Hill Windfarm Community Fund.

Todmorden(East Lee Lane)

 Fred and Rich J strimming paths around E.L.L. Funded by Todmorden Town Council.

Friday, 30 July 2021

TODMORDEN - Cranberry Dam

Mick and Frank S were back at Ramsden Wood Farm across the valley from Cranberry Dam. The weather looked a bit unpromising, so we were reluctant to start on a construction project that would need us to continue in the rain until it was finished. So instead we went back into packhorse mode, and carried more of the timber from the farmhouse out to where it is needed next week for steps and stiles.

As it turned out the weather was much better than expected with just a bit of drizzle and even a glimpse of the sun. Here's a picture of Mick with the wheelbarrow and two bags of ready-cut steps, demonstrating how to avoid tipping it all down a steep gully.

And here's a view looking down on Cranberry Dam to remind you why you might like to visit the area next time the sun shines. White Slack Clough is on the left leading down to Ramsden Wood.

These tasks were supported by the Crook Hill Windfarm Community Fund.

Thursday, 29 July 2021

TODMORDEN (New Mill Dam)

 Rich J and Fred replaced a set of broken steps. Funded by Todmorden Council.

Wednesday, 28 July 2021


Pecket Well - cutting back

Ray, Nick and Frank H, representing that well known cutting-back firm of 'Strimmer, Trimmer and Rake', attacked the badly overgrown path that leads down from Slack House Lane to Shaw Croft Hill.

Start of the session

Rain, sun, more sun then a little rain means that plant growth has been heroic.

This is actually a path but all you can find is grass, nettles, brambles, rosebay willowherb, thistles, hogweed, heather and a further selection of flora that we failed to identify.

Work in progress

Strimming (line strimmer - runs on two-stroke fuel) is followed by trimming (bladed trimmer - runs on 18 V battery) and raking (industrial rake - needs human power).

The fine start to the day didn't last. Light showers became heavier but thankfully, especially for the wielder of the metal rake, no thunderstorm!


Even more progress!

Pictures show downward and upward sections of the path after a considerable amount of work. It is now a clear route from top to bottom and gained comments of approval from a passing dog walker. The dog also seemed particularly enthusiastic . . .  although that might have had something to do with the biscuit that Frank was holding!

Today's work was funded by Wadsworth Parish Council