Friday, 23 October 2020

TODMORDEN:- Pennine Way

Todmorden:- Pennine Way

Not another bright, sunny South Pennine day for Mick and Frank H? Correct! It was not! Instead we had leaden-grey skies, rolling mist and lashing rain all driven on by a stiff westerly.

The task was to re-instate a significant marker-post on the Pennine Way just north of Warland reservoir. Parking at the White House pub gave us a level walk to the work site. As well as full rucksacks, Mick carried the spade and Frank H carried Mick's special bar - the long, heavy one that mysteriously increases its weight the further it is carried!

The marker-post had rotted away at the base so needed cutting:


Old marker-post getting a trim. A damp Mick holds it steady while an apparently automatic saw does the job!

The post was then re-positioned, dug in slightly and nailed to a convenient fence post.

Truncated post re-located and pointing to the White House. The suggested distance on the 'finger' has been checked on many a festival walk - it is an underestimation!

The post is at a junction comprising the Pennine Way, The Todmorden Centenary Way, the West Pennine Way (link Path) and a children's walk. Discs for these were added to a nearby fence post.

An even damper Mick in disc nailing mode!

Overall, a shortish but essential job. Frank H had only one question ...

... "Mick! Why have I carried this iron bar for 6.2 miles (~10 km) in the pouring rain?" ...

Today's work (and we have known drier days!) was funded by Todmorden Town Council.


 After a quick reccy to look at some rotten steps on a path near Ryburn Reservoir in preparation for repairing them next week, Lynda, Eleanor and Trish went over to Barkisland Hall to check out a report that had come in from a member of the public. They were concerned that the rather daunting gates which have been put up on either end of the grounds were putting people off from using the footpath .

Quickly remedied and then we walked along the path from the Hall towards Sandyfoot Clough , which is on one of the new Barkisland Walks round the Villages CROWS are preparing. Put in an extra waymark as the path to the stile crossing to Sandyfoot Clough isn't visible from the lip of the hill. 

The rest of the day was spent clearing some steps below Ryburn school leading towards Triangle. 

Not great photos into the light, but you get the idea. The ghostly figure of Trish and Lynda in the far distance at the top lopping back and clearing steps where the path leaves the field above. Several decades of mulch had reduced the size of the steps making them treacherous.

Pristine ! The leaves will come back but hopefully the clearing will make them less hazardous.

Work on the steps funded by a donation from Sowerby Residents Association

Wednesday, 21 October 2020


 Paul, Ian S and Ginny worked in Brearley woods.  Two waymark posts had rotted away and needed replacing.

A finger post resting against a tree had the rotten end removed ...

                                                              ... and ended up somewhat shorter

                                                    A lot of holly alongside the path was cut back.   

An overflowing drain was cleared so water would no longer run down the path.

Funded by Hebden Royd Mayor's fund


 Ray and Stella (just beating the rain) worked on several small jobs on the footpath running from Tenterfields business park  across the river and west up to Styes Lane.  The waymarking was improved and a new waymark post installed.  We spent a fair bit of the day making firm a rickety stile, with the kind help of the landowner who supplied a replacement post.  However a new stile is likely to be required before too long.  (Sorry, no pics of the stile...)

This work was funded by Sowerby Residents Association

......the metal bridge over the river.

Glued on.....

Which way to go? Take your pick.

Tuesday, 20 October 2020


 Ken produced 8 fine waymark posts at the depot.

Someone who knows how to saw straight!

Following up a report to Calderdale Highways, Ken and Rich went to Luddenden to put up three waymarks, two along the riverside path.

Waymarking funded by Calderdale Highways