Monday, 1 March 2021

LOCKDOWN-3: Emergency tasks and in-depot jobs

 Lockdown-3 continues and only survey work (e.g Calderdale Way), emergency repairs (e.g. broken boardwalk, vandalised dog-gate) and in-depot jobs (e.g stob and marker post cutting, brochure stapling, timber ordering) have taken place. However, in a week's time CROWS may be able to start on-site, socially distanced, in-pairs work. We are looking forward to this cautious return towards a sort of 'normality'.

Just in case CROWS have forgotten what they are missing here's a poem parody. Any resemblance to 'Ozymandias' by P.B. Shelley (1792 - 1822) is coincidental!

              The Land Around Us!

I met a traveller from an old moor land
Who said: "Two weak and rotten post of wood
In the marshes, lean. Near them, close to hand,
Half sunk, a shattered stile-step lies, whose legs
And broken, twisted treads have failed to stand,
But show the dangers, that were mis-read,
Still survive to further rot these ruined things
And mock old workers, now long dead.

On a frail crosspiece, these words appear-
'Footpath Only', 'No Route for Cycling',
'Dogs on Lead' and 'Walk with Care!'"
Nothing beside remains ... Near the decay
Of that timbered wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level bogs stretch far away.'


On that encouraging note, we'll see if CROWS' remote location workers survive next week!


LOCKDOWN 3: CALDERDALE WAY SURVEY  Waterstalls Road to Luddendenfoot , Link Path E


Spring turned back to Winter on Monday, the day Lynda and Eleanor decided to survey this rather exposed stretch of the CW. All went as usual replacing old faded waymarks and checking the route.


This one was at the High Stones Road end of Waterstalls Road. After Hollins and as the route descended down towards Luddendenfoot and crossed farmland, the path became less user-friendly and was lethal (a running stream over mossy, uneven flags) between Sowerby Lane and Jerry Fields Road. We decided walkers would definitely choose to walk those few hundred yards down the road!

This work was kindly funded by a grant from Sowerby Residents Association




Saturday, 27 February 2021


A report of a dangerous bridge at Kebroyd revealed that 5 slats were totally rotten. These were replaced and the bridge is now OK. Some of the remaining slats won't last too long and they are pretty tricky to attach to the structure.


This work was funded by Ripponden Parish Council

Wednesday, 17 February 2021


Stella and Paul surveyed this section of the CW uphill from Midgehole to Pecket Well via Kitling Bridge and then along Akroyd Lane a short distance before walking up onto the moors above Shawcross Cottages. We were blessed with warm sunny weather and many folk out walking were glad to see us replacing and /or brushing clean waymarks and holding tape measures.

Tuesday, 16 February 2021


 After several glorious but very cold days , today felt like Spring. The birds obviously thought so too as much of our walk was accompanied by cheery bird song. Lynda and Eleanor started the walk in Mill Bank and wound up the CW through the woods towards Gough Lane.



 This post at the side of the clough clearly needs re-positioning when we can work 'normally' again, but in the meanwhile we decided to put on a CW waymark to show the direction of the path as it leaves the village. 

A lot of the waymarks have faded to the point of invisibility and needed replacing. This post was at the edge of Flints Reservoir as you come off the moor. 


And this one - at the junction of the CW and Water Stalls Road near the decoy aerodrome on Flints Moor. Much cooler on  the tops but great views all round.


And finally the very mucky junction of Link Path E and the CW as it drops down left into Cragg Vale. A few days ago the ground was hard and icy - not today! Altogether a great walk out.