Wednesday, 2 December 2020


In need of some TLC

On what threatened to be a wet, grey, chilly, miserable day Frank H and Lynda tackled the long list of in-house tasks at Mount Shed. 

Ken had already returned the fuel type brush-strimmer with the carburettor and filter problems resolved. Additionally he had used a grinder to put an effective cutting edge on the mattocks, and re-charged the Li-ion 18 V batteries that are compatible with the hedge- trimmers, light growth strimmers and angle grinder.

This left Frank and Linda to work through a list of general tasks - sharpening/oiling loppers; cleaning/oiling all the saws; checking and replenishing the tool bags/tool buckets; cleaning out the azad tubs; cleaning/sharpening/oiling/re-colour-coding the azads; re-charging the Ni-Cd 24 V drill batteries; cleaning/oiling all collapsible workbenches; cutting some timber; cleaning/oiling the mitre saw; painting the tops of some marker poles; sharpening all wood chisels and sweeping out the whole depot etc. Phew! 

Despite the forecast, the weather improved so it was soon warmer outside the depot than in! Our assessment earlier in the year that an old weaving shed would be an oven in summer but a fridge in winter was proving to be very accurate. However, virtually all our equipment has now been cleaned, sharpened, oiled as appropriate and is in full working order! "Long may it last!" ... or do we mean, since on-site tasks restart next week, ... "How long will it last?"

(No photos were taken due to the lack of excitement involved in looking at a picture of a re-charged battery!) 

Tuesday, 1 December 2020


Today Stella and Eleanor walked one of the 'Barkisland Walks' that is being published in a new 'Walks round the Villages' leaflet in the New Year. We were checking the draft text to ensure the directions were clear.

The sun shone for a change and we waymarked the route on the way round. It is a great walk.

On the home run, our attention was drawn to the sound of gentle snoring!! We couldn't resist capturing the moment ........

Peaceful Porker

Unfortunately couldn't download the  audio!

Work generously funded by Ripponden Parish Council

Monday, 30 November 2020


Ken and Rich working on a path that has become a Strava registered mountain bike route with speeds of just under 30mph recorded. Following two recent near accidents we went up and removed some overhanging holly on a blind bend.

If you look carefully in the LH before photo, Ken is lurking there

Hopefully this should reduce the likelihood of future accidents.

Work funded by landowners.

Wednesday, 25 November 2020


1. Walks Around Mytholmroyd: Walk 2 (Coiners Country)

Ray & Frank H surveyed the 'Coiners Country' route that, although starting in Mytholmroyd, basically goes from Dauber Bridge up to Frost Hole and then on to Keelham Farm and Bell House Moor. The path then goes over Erringden Moor and skirts above Broad Head Clough before descending to Hoo Hole:

The overall distance is about 7 km with the bulk of the walk giving splendid South Pennine views.  Curiously, in the walk leaflet, the path shown on the 'map' from the head of Broadhead Clough across to Broad Head is not the route described in the accompanying text! 

A range of the usual problems were recorded: loose marker posts, overgrowing foliage, wobbly stiles, missing treadboards, rotting marker posts and sections of path needing revetment - it could be a busy 2021!

However, it was pleasing to see the numerous boardwalks and marker posts that CROWS installed across Bell House Moor in the summer of 2018 were still in excellent condition (although a couple of the pre-CROWS posts are now succumbing to old age!),

Monday, 23 November 2020


Stella and Rich walked out (at distance) route 3 in the Cragg Vale Village Walks - a great 4 mile walk with varied landscape and great views.

Quite a few jobs identified including a stile which required some athleticism to get over!

Not suitable for anyone with short legs!

As well as surveying the route we added a number of waymarks and cleaned a few wooden finger posts that had become unreadable.

Stella at work

May not look that different but the after photo is readable!

Survey funded by CROWS