Saturday 13 April 2024


 There were three teams out from Todmorden today:

1    Catherine and Neil M: drainage work in Obadiah Wood in Cornholme (see separate blog).

2    David and Andrew: step building at Keelham, at the junction of Tod 015 and 016.

3    Ken and Kasher: Modification to a stile at the junction of Blackshaw 046 with Cow Side Lane (Blackshaw 054) and then step infilling on Tod 133 in Ramsden Clough.

Today's work has been funded by individual donations to CROWS. Many thanks.


Team 2: David and Andrew returned to Keelham to install four steps on a slippery bank up to the recently completed gate.

Location of Keelham Farm.

Slippery bank up to the newly installed

David starting to install the steps.

The steps being investigated by local 

Team 3: Ken and Kasher returned to a stile near Cow Side Lane to improve a recently installed dog gate adjacent to a new stile (which was not built by CROWS). The improvements should deter lambs but still allow dogs to pass.

Ken modifying the dog gate.

Newly amended dog gate.

The team them moved to Ramsden Clough to infill a number of steps with MOT which was left over from a previous job in Ramsden Clough.

Steps up from the bridge in
Ramsden Clough.

Ken and the infilled steps.

Friday 12 April 2024

RYBURN - Noahdale Clough near Mill Bank

Two teams out today repairing a stile at Noahdale Farm and installing a new one further across the field at  Burnt Moor


The weather was warm and pleasant for a change and we had an enjoyable day working in this lovely spot.

Stile One

In the corner of Noahdale Farm garden leading into a field. As can be seen the stile was very narrow and partially blocked by the wall.....

... the tread had gone and the path beyond the stile was very unclear , so Angus worked on widening the gap by removing a small section of the wall and Linda worked on making the path into the field clearer and safer

Linda road testing the repaired stile.....

Team Jerry and Jak cogitating ...... we decided to extend the tread for ease of walkers and put in another upright . This meant our treadboard wasn't long enough, so back again on Monday to fit a new tread and complete the job.

Stile Two           

 A different proposition , the fence leading to the 'stile' and the stile itself needed to be completely replaced.

The first job Jerry and Jak did was to dismantle part of the rickety fence with a view to replacing it after the stile is built using the existing rails.

This is far as we got on Friday , but Jerry, Angus and Jak are planning to complete the job on Monday , weather permitting. More photos to follow.

This work is funded by a grant from Ripponden Parish Council and individual donations. We are grateful for their support.

TODMORDEN: Obadiah Wood

 Catherine and Neil M. returned to Obadiah Wood near Cornholme to continue improvements to the drainage on path Todmorden 060 and its eastward continuation.

Starting from the Shore Road end, we first came to the major channel, developed by CROWS teams over the years,across a bend in the path. This is working well in the current wet weather. However, a short stretch immediately East of this remains a mudbath and we saw no easy solution.

One problem solved

Another problem - Mmm! - not solved!

Moving on, we tackled some lesser drainage issues along the path. Then, coming to the footbridge across Wittonstall Clough, we made run-offs for the muddy water that was engulfing the planks leading up to the bridge.


After the bridge there were several turnbyes and overflowing culverts that needed clearing, to prevent their water from flowing down the path. Hopefully there remains just the one stretch that's likely to need more extensive work.

Coal Dike, Midgley

Wednesday 10th April

Ian S and Neil D returned to work on the fine path above Midgley that leads from Chapel Row up to the moors.  We planned to complete - for the time being! - some revetment and path widening work along a stretch of the path just above Coal Dike.

                                            Ian at work installing Revetment No.1 above Coal Dike.

Interestingly, a local resident we met out walking her dog told us that Coal Dike itself was once part of the former carriage road between Haworth and the Calder Valley.  Presumably it offered some sort of bypass over Midgley Moor that avoided the 18th & 19th century traffic jams in Hebden Bridge!  It must have been much better surfaced in those horse-drawn days, or it would've been a very bumpy ride...

Preparing the ground for the 3rd stob needed to hold the revetment in place
on the steep-sided bank above Coal Dike.

As the rain began to fall more heavily, we finished our task by measuring up for a stretch of boardwalk which will be required over a particularly damp stretch further up the path.  If funds allow, we hope to return to complete the job in a few weeks' time.

                The final length of revetment required some tricky joinery skills to get the angles correct!


 "Walks around Pecket Well" leaflet Launch:

On Monday CROWS volunteers met up with Rachel Stott from Wadsworth Walking Market, Matt the Landlord of the Robin Hood Inn and local resident Christine Jackson to officially launch the new Pecket Well Village walks leaflet. 
The freshly printed leaflet is the latest in a series of village walks printed by Friends of Calderdale's Countryside (FoCC). Richard Thurlow from FoCC along with CROWS members Paul Degnan and Ginny Feeney devised the three walks in the leaflet and Wadsworth Walking Market donated a generously to fund the footpath repairs carried out by CROWS volunteers on the walk routes.
The three walks of varying lengths all start at the Robin Hood Inn where you can purchase a copy for £1. The leaflet is also on sale at Old Town Post Office and Hebden Bridge Town Hall.
A big thank you to all involved!
Launch photo at the Robin Hood Inn

Leaflet on sale at Old Town shop