Friday 29 March 2024

TODMORDEN: Waymarking above Ashenhurst

Today was Good Friday, and Todmorden was at rest . . . except for Mick and Neil M. who ventured out for a little light waymarking on routes Todmorden 028/029 on the slopes above Ashenhurst. The work was funded from general donations - thank you.


From the top of Ashenhurst Road we made our way to where the two paths cross, and sank two square-section posts to clarify the route.

This is little-frequented country with mixed vegetation and some original tree growth, home to abundant wildlife - we spotted a jay and a roe deer on our brief visit. A little way up 028 from the crossing one meets the large Ashenhurst Pond . . . and proceeding eastward along 029 we find a somewhat less impressive pond, named after its first discoverer.

Ashenhurst Pond

Mick's Pond

Having a little time to spare we went back to inspect the western section of 029, where we have worked several times before - most recently on 18th February. We found our drainage works holding up well; only a few small repairs were necessary. A fence repair on this route displayed a level of rustic craftsmanship . . . well beyond CROWS creativity!

Drainage still flowing.

Mmm! Turner Prize material?

A happy Eastertide to all our readers!