Wednesday 27 March 2024


 Small Jobs Day - Various Locations in Hebden Royd Area.

Three teams were out today working to clear some of our backlog of worksheets. Paul and Graham L completed a stile repair in Cragg Vale near Craggies (Turkey Lodge) and installed a marker post on Stoney Lane down from Height Road. Ray and Nick repaired a stile by Higher Cragg Farm in Cragg Vale and finally a gang of four volunteers (Ian S, Andrew, Linda and Andy) put in a new finger post at Lumb Falls along with doing some extensive drainage work.

Job 1: Cock Hill, Cragg Vale and Stoney Lane off Height Road.

Paul and Graham L worked on a stile near Cock Hill where the path from Priestly Ing crosses the track toward Catherine House:

Worked funded by friends and family of Tim Mihailovik. Thank you.

Detail: The "stile" provided access to the path running up and along the field-side wall. The walker  that reported the problem said that there was a "missing stile board":

Missing stile board?

We set about digging in two new step legs as supports for a new treadboard. In view of the narrow width, and the height of the existing top rails we then put in a grab post to help walkers negotiate the stile.

Graham digging a hole for the step leg.

Completed job!

After lunch we journeyed to Height Road above Mytholmroyd where we parked and then walked down Stoney Lane for our second job:

At the junction of a three-way path, we found the old rotted way marker post laying forlorn by the stone wall. Finding a suitable spot we installed and waymarked a new post:

Graham getting stuck in!

New waymark post.

Job 2 Higher Cragg Farm, Cragg Farm.

Ray and Nick added stile legs for a new lower tread board and repositioned the lowest cross-rail on an existing stile near Higher Cragg Farm:

Job completed

In addition they cut back overgrowth of gorse bushes on the footpath nearby.

Job 3: New Finger Post at Lumb Falls and digging out drainage channels:

Ian S, Andrew, Linda and Andy worked at Lumb Falls. The main job was to replace a directional finger post by Lumb Bridge. The first task, however, was to get the post from the depot to the site - tied to the roof bars of Ian's car with one arm stuck out like a shark's fin! The next was to get it to Haworth Old Road and down the slippery path to the falls, the significance of it coming up to Easter was not lost!

The old post was removed, Andy excavating the hole to ensure that the post would be vertical and orientated correctly!

The old rotted post

Is this hole deep enough?

Job done!

The second on-site task was sorting out the drainage further up on Sunny Bank Road. After some heavy lifting and wet digging, the water was directed down the cleared and rebuilt channel. The path rapidly showing improvements.

Linda building up the channel side.

Water flowing down the cleared channel.

Work funded by friends and family of Tim Mihailovik. Thank you.