Saturday 23 March 2024

CALDERDALE WAY - Stone Chair to Brighouse

Mo Rich and Ginny walked two sections - 36 waymarks were put up, directions were updated and rewritten and some repair work and improvement work was identified. 

The theme today was mud - loads of it. 

One more section to complete which we will do in the next week or two. 


Over the next few weeks the revised directions will be uploaded on to the Heart of the Pennines website - one version to print off, the other to use on a phone. 

You will also start to see Christopher Goddard's new annotated map on sale. 

CROWS has a list of repairs and improvements that need doing which we hope to complete by the summer (we are currently unsure about the work needed in the Eastern end of the route).

With the demise of the old guidebooks for the Calderdale Way, this feels like it has been rescued so people can enjoy it in the future.

Many thanks to the Ramblers Holiday Trust who funded all the waymarks, Calderdale Ramblers for funding the repairs and improvements and Walkers are welcome groups in Hebden Bridge and Todmorden for layout and IT skills.