Friday 22 March 2024


 On a beautiful but chilly day there were four teams out from Todmorden:

1    RJ and David: repaired a stile below Dundee in Cornholme and then went to see if any improvements could be made to a recently repaired stile in Shore Green

2    Catherine and Gareth:  carried out drainage work on Todmorden 060 through Obadiah Wood, Cornholme

3    Ken and Neil Mc: installed a dog-gate at a new stile (not constructed by CROWS) at the junction of BW Blackshaw 052 (Cow Side Lane) and Blackshaw 046.

4    Jerry and Kasher: cleaned the bridge on BW Todmorden 198 in preparation for repairs. The team also reinstated flags on marker posts at Sourhall and Bean Head. A fallen fingerpost on Cross Stone Road was also reinstated. A future job for our chainsaw experts on the cycleway adjacent to the canal at Walsden was assessed.

Today's work has been funded by individual donations to CROWS and from funds received from the Cornholme Wreath Making Workshop held in December 2023. Many thanks to all.

Many thanks also to the landowner who allowed us to install a dog gate in this newly constructed fence.

Location of the bridge at Bottomley.

Location for the new dog gate, Cow Side Lane.

The Details:

Team 1.

New legs and tread-board on well-used
stile below Dundee.

The team will be back to work on the steps leading up to this stile. The steps need the risers replacing and the tread areas widening and infilling.

Team 2

It's hard to make drainage work look interesting! However, the work on this path should allow it to dry out . . .  especially if we have a few more sunny days like today.

Catherine tackling the extremely 
muddy path in Obadiah Wood.

Team 3

A new (rather high) stile fitted (not by CROWS)
in a newly constructed fence.

A dog-gate has been added. 

The team will be back to add some way-marks, and to create better access to the stile's high step. Keeping the structure sheep-proof will be a priority . . .  Herdwicks are great climbers!

Team 4

The team had been asked to clear this bridge and to check whether repairs were needed. Unfortunately, the accumulation of mud and growth of moss have provided ideal conditions for rot. However, the stringers appear to be sound but cross-treads will need replacing.

Jerry examining the stringers on this bridge.

Cross-treads now cleared of moss and
mud but many will need replacing.

The finger post on Cross Stone Road, pointing to
Lower Ashes, has been re-established . . .

. . .  but others will need their flags replacing