Thursday 21 March 2024


Four teams out today mainly doing small jobs around Midgley and Luddenden Valley (too many sites to include a map). Work today was cutting back, widening paths and lots of waymarking. The work was funded by Midgley Community Forum who have generously given us another grant for the coming year. Many thanks. 

A  few of the waymarks put up today
The details

Ray and Jerry worked at sites on Deep Lane, Abbey Lane, near Magson House and Haigh House. 

Obstructing laurel cut back

Kasher and Paul worked on a myriad of small jobs between Mount Tabor and Luddenden Dean including waymarking, cutting back, and sorting out stiles and steps.

A set of well worn steps revealed.

New marker posts added.

The 2024 battle with brambles begins.

Paul sorting out a wire and wood trip hazard.

Ian, Andy and Nick paid another visit to Coal Dike - a path above Midgley giving access to the moor. Revetment was fitted to secure the edge of the path but there is still more to do. Andy, working in horrible slippery muddy conditions, did a temporary fix of the drainage. The path looks better but will need further, extensive work.


The drainage issue

A new line of revetment

Two more collapses secured

Neil and Rich completed the waymarking of the Luddenden and Midgley sections of the Calderdale Way Link path.