Friday, 17 June 2022

TODMORDEN - Robin Wood

Today saw a return visit by KenFrank HCatherineNeil M and Kasher to the bridge on Todmorden 085 (above Fiddlers Bridge and immediately below Eagle Crag). 

Last week's work:

The bridge before work started: The structure is
shaky, side-rails are broken and rot is widespread.
End of last week's session:
 Treadboards removed and access taped off.

The wooden bridge is old, but well constructed. In particular, the concrete piers at each end are still sound and have metal brackets in place to secure the stringers. We should be able to reuse these.

Interestingly, there is a disproportionate amount of supporting stonework forming the approaches to the bridge; an indication that a stone bridge may have pre-dated the present structure.

Today's work in progress:

Catherine and Frank in destructive mode!
More dismantling by Ken, Frank and Neil.

Towards the end of the session:

Bridge removed.....

Stock fencing re-fixed (to right of picture) and access
taped off. (Fortunately, an alternative, dry-weather
crossing is possible further up the gully). 

The funding for the replacement bridge has come from Calderdale Council and from individual donations to CROWS.

Later tasks:

The team also checked two other jobs that may need attention - a ruined gate leading into Knott Wood and a waterlogged path (Todmorden 199). The gate can be replaced but is not an urgent task and the path problem may be a drainage issue related to the nearby railway embankment.

More next week, when we hope it will be a degree or two cooler . . . it'll be a long carry with the new stringers!