Wednesday, 15 June 2022

TODMORDEN - Bride Stones Moor

Bride Stones Moor area: Odd jobs are us!

On a sunny, warm day with magnificent all-round views of the South Pennines, Kasher and Frank H tackled three jobs. 

a) Eastwood Road

Where the footpath (Todmorden 043) leaves the road, a boardwalk that crosses a patch of boggy ground, was cleaned and two cross-treads were replaced.



b) Open access 

i).  A nearby stile over a stock fence needed attention. 


It's difficult to see the following, but . .   

*the barbed wire is too close to the uprights. 

*one step leg is loose (it was barely in the ground!).

*the tread-board has an alarming slope. 

*the step-up is too high.


*short sections of the top wire have been de-barbed. 

*loose leg replaced with a longer leg

*new leg firmly embedded and on a level with its counterpart. 

*treadboard re-fixed to be horizontal. 

*large stones dug in on both sides of the stile to act as first step-ups.

The above were temporary fixes. The stile gap is very narrow and has one side-upright that is in poor condition. A major re-build may be necessary . . . once we have discussed the situation with the landowner . . . once we have found the landowner!

ii). Further down the road - another stile over a stock fence needed repair work.

Before picture:

Work in progress:

Both treadboards replaced and both 
side-uprights have been firmed-up.
If only all jobs were as straightforward as this!

Today's work was funded by donations to CROWS. Many thanks.