Wednesday, 11 May 2022

CRAGG VALE - Will Clough

Jan and Frank S were at the concrete steps beside Will Clough near the top of Cragg Vale. These steps were badly damaged some time ago by water flooding down from the fields above, and many of the steps were undermined or shifted out of place. We've made several visits in the past to re-lay the worst of the steps, and today we did a few more. Here's view of the three steps showing our three different approaches to the task.

The top step has the two old blocks laid flat with two new blocks on top, and the middle one has the old blocks straightened up and supported by metal pins. The bottom one has a big tree root behind it, and so we used a wooden step, also supported by metal pins, two of which are out of sight behind the plank.

We haven't re-laid all the old steps, but we've done enough of them to make it easy to go up and down. Except, of course, for the fact that they're still very steep and a bit uneven, so will always need to be navigated slowly and carefully. We'll now wait and see how our repairs last, and return in due course to straighten any that move out of place.

This work was funded by Calderdale Council Luddendenfoot Ward Forum and donations to CROWS.