Friday, 13 May 2022

TODMORDEN -Swallowshaw

Today, the trio of Catherine, Ken and Kasher tackled the second stile near to Swallowshaw at the junction of paths (Todmorden 023 and 024).  

We had replaced one tread-board on this stile last week and now we were replacing the uprights and the rails. We also installed a dog-gate and improved the nearby fencing to deter walkers (and sheep) from entering the garden of the adjacent property.

Ken and Catherine, and today's stile.

Uprights in and rails sorted by lunchtime.

All three uprights were placed very close to an existing wall and gap stile. This made for difficult hole digging and placement of the uprights.

Thankfully we had two passing dogs, and their "owner", who were delighted to see the newly installed dog-gate which we had managed to place next to the existing gap stile.

Dog gate and original gap stile.

Finished stile and dog gate.

Hopefully, we will complete the final stile in this series next week.

Many thanks to the residents of the nearby house who kindly allowed us to park in their driveway, thereby minimizing the distance we had to carry the materials and tools.

Funding for this work has come from Todmorden Town Council. Many thanks.