Wednesday, 13 October 2021

CRAGG VALE - Will Clough

Paul and Frank S were working on the concrete steps up the side of Will Clough, just below the bus turning lay-by at the top of Cragg Road. These steps are in very poor condition, so we aimed to do some clearing and digging, find out how they were built and judge how best to repair them.

Here's what they looked like before we started - all overgrown with the concrete slabs slipped out of place making them quite difficult to climb up.

After some time we managed to get most of the slabs in re-positioned so that it's now possible to climb up without risking a fall.

This is a temporary repair, because the steps were built originally without any proper foundation and may slip out of place again. However, they should last until we can arrange funding for a more permanent solution.

We then moved on to survey the path that goes through Cragg Hall Wood from the bridge on Castlegate to the Hinchliffe Arms. We found that revetment that holds up the edge of the path had fallen away and the path, although intact at the moment, is in danger of collapsing.

Then, higher up, there is a section of path that is already falling away and will need a new revetment.

Now that the survey has been done, we hope to arrange funding and then return to do the actual repairs.

Today's work was funded by donations to CROWS.