Wednesday, 21 July 2021

LUDDENDEN: Kershaw area

 Gates and a stile - fettling and fiddling!

On a day that got increasing hotter, Ray and Frank H sweated over a series of problems with gates and a stile on the footpath that leads up from Kershaw Drive to the track running from Ellen Royd Farm to Greave House.

Gate 1.


Gate hinge has become detached.

Gate closure spring has become detached.

Hinge straps have lost some screws (not in photo).

Gate palings are loose (not in photo).

All these defects were remedied and the structure made safe  . . .  and (at the moment!) it all works smoothly.

Gate 2.


Gate catch missing.
Gate closure-spring partly detached.
Gate side-posts wobble!
Gate palings loose.
Gate misaligned between side-posts.

Keen observers will also notice that although this whole structure is actually stock proof, it is also a fine example of successive attempts at 'make do and mend' (aka botching!). Additionally, a bracing diagonal works best if it slopes up from hinge-side to latch-side!

Ideally we would have liked to demolish the whole structure and rebuild everything from scratch but the limited budget meant only the the main problems could be sorted.

Not much apparent change but lots of work has been done to stabilise the side-posts and to align the gate. It now closes and self-latches. 

Stile 1.

'Aerial' view.

This stile, although old, was sound except that the second step upwards had a rotten treadboard and a wobbly leg.

The picture shows work in progress with a hole being dug on the 'up' side of the stile. 

In the sweltering conditions, the resistant and rocky ground conditions were not welcome!

However, some time later . . . 

. . . 

*new leg (not visible) buried deeper and now firmly packed

*new treadboard in place and shaped to fit the angle of the wall.

*side rails (on right) re-aligned

*the original dog-gap remains but was tested and, in a fine display of wriggling by a passing red setter, obtained the canine seal of approval!

Today's work was funded by a Luddenden resident - many thanks.