Wednesday, 14 October 2020


 Ray and Rich worked on putting in three waymark posts.

First was a finger post next to Lumb Bridge. The permissive path going up Colden Valley has never been waymarked, so as it is on the Ted Hughes trail, we thought it was about time.

You need a hole about 3ft deep to put in a finger post .....

Sometimes the only way to remove spoil is get down and dirty!

Happy with the end result

We then went back to the junction with Hudson Mill Road to put in a waymark post - much easier.

These posts were funded by the University of Huddersfield as part of the Ted Hughes Trail project. The trails should have been launched in April 2020 but should be available from April 2021.

We then went on to Wood Top to complete works on the Mytholmroyd Children's walks.

A crucial waymark post had rotted off and needed replacing.

This job was funded by Mytholmroyd Walkers Action, with funding from Luddendenfoot Ward Forum