Friday, 16 October 2020

TODMORDEN - Golf Club to top of Hole Bottom

 Ken and Ian V responded to a request to improve the bridleway that runs from Todmorden Golf Club car park up to where it meets the Calderdale Way near the top of Hole Bottom. 

The reported problem was that wall stones had been embedded in the path and needed to be removed.  However, although there were a few stones that could be removed, the path is generally in a passable condition apart from at the beginning near the car park which is very muddy and churned up. There is also evidence of trail bikes running along the path.  There is an alternative short section which avoids the muddy section.

Condition of existing path

Trail bike tracks

A few large stones removed here

Another stone being removed

Job dome

We also cleared out a couple of turn-bys in order to keep water off the path.

Blocked turn-by

All cleared now

Work was funded by Todmorden Town Council