Friday, 12 June 2020


At the moment, not much outdoor work is being done by CROWS but indoors we have been busy -  discussing, planning and cutting timber. Here are some pictures of life in the depot - it's a markerpost afternoon!

1.5 m markerposts. Some ready for top
'shaping', some ready for painting.
Post on the 'operating table' ready for its
 top to be shaped ... but look at the wall
behind. All those jobsheets piling up ...
... and that's only half of them!

And it's into the 'paint shop' for the finishing touches.

All work is closely supervised. Although CROW
 is quite generous as regards quality control! 

Meanwhile in outdoor Calderdale, life gets on with what it does best: - sitting, growing and thinking about eating!

Kestrel. Startled fledgling
 in an old barn.

Deer in urban Halifax!
(photo courtesy of AC)


Cottongrass in Noah Dale

More next week - by which time it will definitely be summer!