Friday, 5 June 2020


Lockdown is gradually being eased but, with a social distancing of 2 m still in place, the type of jobs that CROWS can do is limited. We are, however, devising a strategy to let us work safely within the current guidance.

A small group of CROWS have been looking at equipment storage. Reasonably sharp minds have been sent into gibbering meltdown by trying to grapple with dimensions, materials, styles, quality, essential add-ons, extra add-ons and further add-ons - factors that all combine to generate an end-price that would make many a Yorkshireman (or woman) anxiously clutch their wallets!

Meanwhile, in The Upper Calder Valley, rural footpaths are being well used .... although the concepts of groups of 6, same household, 2 m, no litter and no cycling, seem, by some, to be dimly understood!

However, wildlife (and life not so wild) is flourishing. Here are a few photos:

"Nothing like a little snack!"
 Heron at Copley.  (Photo courtesy of WG)

"Now, am I a Llama or an Alpaca? It's a question I'm often
asked ... but no-one's ever told me the answer!"

"Just what I was going to say!"

More next week!