Friday, 19 June 2020


CROWS outdoor work has been minimal although mention should be made of Mo and Ginny who, in an enthusiastic cull, have had a dramatic effect on the invasive spread of Balsam in Nutclough Woods.

... Meanwhile back at the depot in Mytholmroyd, tool maintenance, timber cutting and storage have been the main activities.

Sample of planes and chisels- all now
with very sharp blades 
Supply of stobs, risers and crosstreads, all ready to go!
Work in progress :- sorting the storage!

Allegedly it's the Summer solstice tomorrow! We should get blue skies. In anticipation, here's what has been called a 'pangram' or an 'abecedarian'. Both words had to be looked up! Neither, however, quite describes the challenge - that of writing a 26-word piece of prose or verse with the words in alphabetical order ...


Azure blue cloudless days -
Every flower growing high.
Insects jittering, knocking lightly, 
Muted noise of pastures quiet.
Rivers sluggish, trickling under
Verdant woodland, xylocarpous* ...
... Year's zenith!

(*means 'bearing woody fruit')

Mmm! Perhaps it's time for some heads and tails pictures ...

Badger foraging.
(photo courtesy of GR)
They promised me sand ...
... by the sea ... at Blackpool ... 
... What do I get? ...
... a field in the South Pennines!
(photo courtesy of LH)
        Deer on the run!
       (photo courtesy of GR)

More next week!