Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Several groups out today.

Midgehole, Gerald, RJ, Stella and Ginny

While checking footpaths on the map that lead into the Crags we discovered one above the top car park leading up to Shackleton that had completely disappeared, so today we started to resurrect it.

Firstly we needed to cut down all the saplings and branches that had grown across it.

Then we created a path line up through the woods.

Yellow marks on the trees gave us a rough idea of where it used to go but we had to clear a fallen tree to get past.....

And another one further up.

But now it is easier to follow, though we will add marker posts and then strim the overgrown walled lane above on our next visit.

Work funded by National Trust (Hardcastle Crags)

Winters (Pennine Way)

Bernard and Dick continued installing a flight of steps on The Pennine Way.

                                                                 Last week's work.

                                                                  This week's work.

The flight of 13 steps, boxed in, was completed. All that remains is to landscape and in-fill and add a low barrier higher up the path.

Work funded by Calderdale Highways

Heptonstall (Hawden Hole Woods)

Fred and Frank H returned to work on the magnificent path that drops down from the 'Heptonstall by-pass' towards Midgehole. This is where they were two weeks ago:

Two steps and some revetment already added below the old steps.
More steps are needed and extra revetment is required to stop the step treads from being washed away. With these tasks in mind . . .

Cautionary Haiku for CROWS

Part 3.  Watch your step

Heavy bar hits stob
A vertical blow is key.
. . . but mind your shins and toes!

Risers fix to stobs.
No gap should show at bottom.
. . . and is the top level?

The tread of the step
Should be level, firm and flat.
. . . don't forget the sides!

Some time later . . . 

Steps are in place and revetment has been added.

Further up the slope Fred (does he never stop?) is already working on three more steps to help weary walkers negotiate this soaring flight of wooden and stone steps. Once these are done we can start on the in-fill work.

End of the day: Treads old and new consolidated with preliminary in-fill.

Next week should see the last session on this path (for now!). The treads of today's steps need an aggregate topping, some landscaping is needed, there is a marker post to install and extra waymarking is needed to clarify path direction. 

All this work has been funded by National Trust (Hardcastle Crags).