Friday, October 26, 2018


Several groups out today.

Todmorden Centenary Way (Allescholes)

Ken and Peter sorted a drainage issue, put in some wooden steps and sorted out a hillside path by widening and adding a natural stone base.

Wooden step with a good stone platform on the tread.

Work in progress: Path cleared and a stone base being created.

Work in progress: steps added to steep banking.

Work in progress: stone base being put down.

Walsden (Pennine Bridleway)

Mick, Gerald and Ginny got deep and dirty on the Pennine Bridleway.  The drainage channels were overflowing onto the path in places.

So we dug a new channel

And deepened the existing ones

While Mick made the turnbys spotless.

Blackshaw (Brown Hill Lane)

Frank S and Frank H finished the work on the stile started earlier in the week (see Blog of Wed 24th Oct 2018 for photos). An extra cross-rail was fixed to the stile at 'lamb level'; a waymark disc was added; the ruined wall on either side of the stile area was stabilised; the approach route to the stile from the vehicle track was landscaped; protectors on the barbed wire were made more secure; the path beyond the stile was walked for 200 m to firm-up marker posts, and any rubbish (old staples, wire fragments, rotten wood etc) was collected for disposal.

They then moved to:

Mytholmroyd (Daisy Bank path)

The task was to check if a gap between the wall on one side and a tree on the other side of this popular path could be fitted with a gate. 

The gate may go between the old wooden post
on the right and the dry-stone wall on the left

Presently a wooden pallet acts as a crude but movable barrier, although it is sometimes (as in the picture) not replaced by thoughtless walkers. Measurements were taken and collective heads (all two of them!) were put together . . . the task is slightly trickier than it looks, but a workable plan was devised for the 'CROWS Gate Gurus'  (Possibly, Ken and Nigel who, until they read this Blog, are unaware that they have this honorary title!). More detail in the next week or so.