Friday, August 10, 2018


Four teams out today

Frank H and Rich went back to Stoodley Glen, Eastwood to finish the work on the stepping stones and to complete other nearby jobs.
The approach to the stepping stones was cleared and revetment added to inhibit down-wash from the banking. The stream was diverted and further pointing of the stepping stones to the bedrock was carried out.

Cows had churned up the approach to the stepping stones

Diverting the water to enable pointing to be finished.

Later in the day; revetment in place and the stream back to its normal course.
We then went up the track to improve a bad section of the bridleway surface and to cut back any encroaching vegetation.

The bridleway is in poor condition and almost impossible for horses to negotiate.

The bridleway (looking down towards the stream) fully cut-back both at the sides and overhead!

Two new stone 'steps' put in near the top of this section.of the bridleway.
The bridleway needs a lot more work but restoring it would be a very expensive project. The cost of today's work on the bridleway was absorbed by CROWS.

The final task of the day was to sort out a loose 'Todmorden Centenary Way' finger-post.

Wonky finger-post

Finger-post re-bedded to be secure and vertical!
Overall, an energetic day during which we were rinsed by the occasional shower (stoically ignored) but refreshed by the provision of tea and biscuits (gratefully received) courtesy of a kindly resident.

The quick-setting mortar used for the stepping stones and bridleway 'steps' should have 'gone-off' sufficiently to withstand the brief showers . . . but water channelling down steep South Pennine ravines can often be a problem!!

Team 2 of Ian and Nigel were working on a footpath up to Knowlwood Road in Shade, Todmorden.

A long step down from this stile at the top of the path

Nigel demonstrating the problem

A new step was formed to make it easier to get down from the stile - unfortunately we forgot to take an 'after' photo!

Further down the path there was a need for an additional step 

Another step has now been added

After getting a little wet from the showers the last tasks of the day were to add some anti-slip staples to the steps on the stiles at the top and bottom of the path - again, apologies but no photos!

Meanwhile, Team 3 were in action:

Gerald and Eleanor worked on a couple of paths off the Bacup Road. The entrance to this path was obscured by vegetation, so ......

Looking better! Then Mick asked us to look at a broken step and replace a couple of stobs

Still needs another stob on the left and nailing together! Mick said he'd return to finish off

An 'after' shot on an overgrown set of steps.

And finally a headless Gerald scrapes the path to reveal a hard surface and somewhere underneath the leaf mould leading to that hole in the wall must be a turn-by.

There it is!

Meanwhile ......

Mick, Lynda and Ken spent the day  replacing / renewing /repainting the posts that guides walkers along Todmorden 116 -the rough  moorland path between Gorpley Reservoir and Foul Clough Road.