Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Dick, Gerald, RJ and Ginny worked on two paths leading off Broadstone St. in Todmorden.

Both were very overgrown and the fearsome four (someone's got to take the picture) strimmed and cut back

to make a four lane highway.

We then moved to a path (adjacent to Cross Stone Church) which was buried in overgrowth

and hope that people will now start to use it.

Meanwhile . . . in the depths of Hardcastle Crags, the labours of Fred, Stuart, Paul and Frank H ensured the step-work from last week advanced remorselessly upwards!

Paul and Frank carried out consolidation work on the existing steps. Just as a reminder:-

Area before some steps were constructed

Now we have:

Steps in place and tread areas consolidated with hardcore and gravel.

Side-banking and landscaping in progress

Further up the slope, we had a section that Fred and Frank cleared last week in preparation for Fred and Stuart's efforts this week..

The slope before any work started.

Same area cleared and step-work in progress.

Flight of seven steps in place with revetment and tread consolidation in progress.
Beyond this set of steps, the ground levels out. Paul and Frank cut-back and cleared the remaining 100 m of path to where it meets the main track.

One session next week should finish this interesting task which was requested and supported by the National Trust.