Friday, November 14, 2014

Location : Mellings Wood, Todmorden
CROWS : Lynda, Gerald, Peter and Terry
Task : to continue with drainage issues from last week and the repair/installation of steps down to the stream and up from the stream.

Weather : Todmorden | Friday, do I need to say more!!!!!!!

A series of before and after pictures in the four sections of drainage problems we identified.

The ground was covered with at least a foot of leaf mould but underneath was a hard core track which we managed to scrape back to.

At four places we found turn-byes only one of which had the original stones on the lower side to direct the water out through the wall on the left.

We cleared all the turn-byes and scraped down to the hard core base hoping the water would flow downhill on the footpath and into the one turn-bye which would direct the water off the path.

We continued to clear uphill until we got to the firmer ground. Hopefully the rain which continued to fall will wash the footpath clear of the residue mud.

We will have to return to repair and construct the steps down to and up from the stream.