Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Location : Pex Tenements
CROWS : Fred, Richard J, Dick, Terry and Barbara
Task : continuation of previous work we did not complete
Weather : cool, damp, grey but brightened up after lunch but became colder.

When we got there we found that the pipe under the track was blocked and water was running down the path.

Part of the problem was that the water was not getting away on the far side of the track. As you can see below the ditch was well overgrown. We set out to clear this.

A coil of plastic piping had fallen into the ditch which helped block the water flow.

There was also run-off from the trough at the other side of the gate. The ditch here was also overgrown and so we cleared this as well.

Further up the track beyond the house was another blocked ditch which we cleared. As you can see it was filled with a variety of plastic pipes through which the water did and didn't flow.

We found a stone culvert at one end which led into a pipe which again was blocked with vegetation.

As the fields on both sides of the track are higher than the path the drainage work we had done previously had not made the track any drier so we decided to lay stepping stones to assist walkers.

There were a couple of marker posts which needed re-signing.

 A few before and after pictures.