Thursday, June 26, 2014

Withens Clough 2

We moved an existing waymark post to a better position to indicate
the boardwalk crossing a ditch adjacent the Permissive Bridleway.

David taking a GPS fix on his new smartphone.

We reset the waymark post below theconifer plantation
alongside Withens New Road.

Fred, Bernard and Richard reused a short section of boardwalk
(that had been left behind a new fenceline) to bypass a very wet section of footpath.

Recycling at it's best.

Gerald getting into the Mire.

Richard taking a breather before moving some large stones.

Bernard and Richard forming a new step.

Stonechat in the Bracken watched the action for a while.

Returning to the Reservoir car park we counted the tools before returning to base.
A more Arty image of Richard to finish with.