Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Location : Withens Reservoir Cragg Vale
CROWs : Dave, Richard J, Graham, Gerald, Bernard, Fred and Terry

Task : the first job as you can see was a badly drained area around a stone trough. The problem was a blocked culvert and once this was cleared and channels created to drain the water away 

 We channelled the water, cleared the trough and surrounding stones to create a dry path.

The second job was a very boggy area around a badly damaged board walk (it needs 3-4 boards replacing those damaged and removed by us).

We eventually managed to clear away enough reeds for the water level to drop.

The next job was another section of drainage of a very boggy path.

 We started by channelling the water flowing across the path and digging out the reeds which had held back the water and silt. Once the water began to drain we then set about creating a dry footpath along the side of the wall.

We then laid a row of stones from the demolished wall on the right to form a series of stepping stones through the worst of the mud. This is not the complete answer when you consider we have had no rain in these parts for 3 weeks or more.