Wednesday 10 July 2024


On a humid, slightly midgey day Frank H and Stella went first to Old Chamber and then to Wood Hey Lane.  

On the field path below Old Chamber we replaced the rotten and dislodged treadboard on a stile.  This had been reported by a local walker via our website.

After that we went to Wood Hey Lane and took the path down through the woods to a small stream crossing.  On one side a step, rotten and undercut by the water, needed replacing.  On the other side a slippery descent was improved by making three steps.  We used large river stones for the bottom step, installed a wooden step above it, and dug out around handy horizontal tree roots to create the top step.

The stream crossing is here

From this....


....and this

To this....

...and this.

Further along the path, we put in a new waymark post, replaced another rotten stile-tread and cut back the holly . . .  all to make a walker's life a little easier!

Today's work was funded by donations to CROWS.  These donations make such a difference to how much work we can do. Thank you.