Wednesday 7 February 2024


 PECKET WELL - Smeekin Pike

Nick and Paul repaired a rotted gate post on the path leading to Smeekin Pike from Crimsworth Farm. It was a sunny day in this pleasant location; One can enjoy great views of Stoodley Pike, Heptonstall, and the Crags from the War Memorial. 

Work funded by Wadsworth Parish Council.

Work Undertaken:

The old gate post had rotted at its base and was lying inert on the ground nearby. The gate and other post were in a reasonable condition:

Rotted post on the ground.

We set about digging out the remains of the post and after removal discovered an impregnable rock barrier in the ground:

Nick getting stuck in!

Not having the use of a pneumatic drill we did what we could to hack out a fitting hole for the new post. Once the new post was installed we screwed on three rails on the side as a stock barrier.

Good view of the Pike

Thanks to Jack at Crimsworth Farm for parking. We'll need to return to the job at some point to finish off securing the rails.

The finished article!