Wednesday 7 February 2024


The work for today was another session in the delightful Nutclough valley on the path that leads from the end of Chapel Avenue. There were two jobs:-  replacing more of the edge revetment and building two box-steps to access the path that rises from Edward Street. 

This work was funded by Friends of Nutclough. Many thanks.

The details

Team 1:

Jerry, Andrew and Ray constructed the box-steps where the side-path from Edward Street meets the main path.

Here's how the day progressed:

Fixing the pre-cut frame for a box-step to the
double height revetment constructed earlier.


Careful! It's all about angles and levels!

All done:- two box-steps, with in-filled
tread areas, neatly in place. Well done, guys.

Team 2:

Dylan, Jak, Rich and Stella constructed another 20 metres of revetment. The very rocky ground made driving the stobs into place an energetic (and time consuming) exercise!

The line of revetment rails progresses. Onwards, ever onwards!

Phew! Only another 30 metres to go!