Monday 20 November 2023

PENNINE WAY - Jumble Hole & Height Rough

Billie, Ginny, Linda and Rich completed the remaining Pennine Way jobs from last year's survey. The path from Mount Olivet Chapel to Winters needed cutting back and some sections required widening. The paved path over Heights Rough had flagstones that rocked or were under water. 

Today's work was funded by Natural England and Calderdale Highways.

The details

Ginny clearing steps near the Long Drop

Stone steps cleared

Brambles and other encroaching vegetation all cut back

We then went across the valley to Height Rough to sort out two flagstones. The first one rocked but was stabilised by under-packing with aggregate. The second was sound but four inches under water. The situation was partly improved by chanelling-off some of the water but further work will be needed here.

Lifting the flagstone prior to packing

Channelling-off the water