Thursday, 4 August 2022

TODMORDEN - Great Rock

Today's "Strim and Trim" team of RJ and Fred continued their work of clearing the footpaths near Great Rock.  

Greystone Lane (Todmorden 011) runs between Chapel House and Greystone Farm. The route is overgrown and very uneven so the strimming will make it clearer and give walkers greater confidence as they descend from the Great Rock area. 

Our new brush-cutter is certainly making strimming much easier - it slices through all but the very toughest of bramble, bracken, nettles and willow herb.

1. Before: View of overgrown  FP up
to Greystone Farm.

2. After: The cleared path should make
for easier walking. 

Next week, conditions permitting, we plan to continue the strimming and cutting back on rights-of-way in this area.

Today's tasks were funded by individual donations to CROWS. Many thanks.