Wednesday, 3 August 2022

MYTHOLMROYD: Bell House Moor

Bell House Moor: marker posts and boardwalks.

Another warm, sunny day for the workforce to split into two teams:

Team 1: the marker post duo

Nick and Rich installed waymark posts, sorted a drainage problem and widened sections of the path..

1. It's difficult to see where the path
goes (especially in bad weather)

2. Look closely: waymark posts provide an aiming point

Team 2: the boardwalk band!

Construction work continued with Jan & Ian S building sections of boardwalk, and Andrew, Frank H, Ken, Paul and Ray installing the completed units along the pre-marked line.

1. Every boardwalk needs two stringers.
Good lifting technique, Jan - in
balance and a straight back. 
2. Ray and Ken in action,
pinning the the boardwalk.

3. Levels and alignments are paramount

4. "To you! To me! Down? No, up
and right a bit to touch the line."
5. "It's a miracle! Level lengthways
and transversely!

6. "Come on guys, put your
back(sides) into it!"
7. Stabilising the last section . . . for today!

8. End of session: "A neat enough 
run of boardwalk. Well done, guys."
9. View in opposite direction from
that in picture 8. Still looks good!

More sessions will be needed here but all the boardwalk sections have now been constructed and the painstaking task of alignment and installing is well under way.

Hopefully, with the long-term forecast predicting fine weather, this part of the boardwalks project will be completed before 20th August when we have Big Carry 2!

Details of Big Carry 2 are on our website at

Meanwhile, for entertainment (or otherwise) here's a parody . . .

The Sound of Squelching

{Any resemblance to "The Sound of Silence" (Simon and Garfunkel, 1964) is coincidental!}

Hello Moorland my old friend

I've come to walk on you again

Because ideas softly creeping

Became plans while I was sleeping

And the detail that was planted in my brain,

Still remains -

It's the sound of squelching!

In tumbling dreams I walked alone

'Causey paths of well worn stone;

'Neath a cloud so dark and grey

I found swamp and marshes in the way

When my legs were grabbed by a bog that held so tight

. . . Mud like night,

Which made the sound of squelching!

And in my fevered mind I saw

A gang of CROWS - six or more

Bearing timbers without speaking,

Bearing tools without moaning;

People building boardwalks for all to share -

It's only fair -

To lose, the sound of squelching.

Mmm! More sense next week?