Saturday, 30 July 2022

MYTHOLMROYD: Bell House Moor

Bell House Moor boardwalks: Big Carry 1

Today was earmarked for carrying boardwalk timbers from Bell House across the moor to the worksite. Eight CROWS were joined by a large number of volunteers (friends, families, individuals, running club members, walking group members etc) who helped to shift the large volume of construction material.

This is how the day progressed . . .

1. Anxious CROWS! Will anyone turn up to
follow the direction signs? Dozens and dozens
did - a few arriving by car but most by walking
or running!
2. Here's a sample of the timbers
 to be moved. Stringers, slats,
stobs, bearers and kick-boards,
all bagged as necessary for
ease of carrying.

3. Always pick a load to match
your strength . . . Steady, Bob!
4. . . .  wise move, ladies! It's a long way!

5. Loaded up and ready to go . . . and not just once!
6. Then, it's a carry across the moor.
Mist and drizzle increased, although
it was not particularly cold. 

7. Good technique. Balanced load
and a steady pace.
8. "Keep up at the back. We don't want to
lose you in the mist!"

9. Timbers delivered. Thank you very much.

10. Timbers de-bagged and sorted
into construction batches.

Overall, the day went very smoothly. CROWS' estimate of volunteer help, based on a similar venture in 2018, was vastly exceeded so some helpers arrived just as the last piece of timber was being delivered. We apologise for your having nothing to carry! 
The 'Big Carry 1' was completed in the morning session so CROWS members started some preliminary construction work . . . and (the tricky bit) some thinking!

11. Picking the best line for the
installation of boardwalks.
12. Left a bit? No, right a bit . . . and
perhaps down a bit . . . but not up!
 Mmm! We'll sort it out on Monday!

Construction of more boardwalk sections will begin next week to be followed by the much, much trickier task of installation. The ground is uneven. It slopes in varying directions and is prone to turning into a swamp in the blink of an eye! CROWS skills will be tested!
Big Carry 2 for another stretch of boardwalks is scheduled for 20th  August. Details for this will be on our website.