Friday, 14 January 2022


 Walsden: Ramsden Lane

It was a fine but cloudy day in a sheltered location for Catherine and Frank H to carry out some investigative work on a 20 year old set of steps.

Work just starting:

The steps rise steeply from Ramsden Lane to reach the path that leads to Ramsden Wood.
Time has taken its toll. Some risers are rotten and others have sagged forwards causing their tread areas to collapse.
Today's plan was to replace the worst of the risers (mainly in the middle section) but with improved spacing and to re-bed the tread area.
It was a very slow, muddy process within a constricted and wet working area.

End of the session

The old steps and all the path higher up (out of picture) have been cleared of debris and leaf mulch.
Three new steps have been constructed to take the place of two old steps. This allowed improvement to the spacing and footfall area of the steps.

In the next session we hope to adjust similarly the lower steps before tackling the top section which is a mish-mash of risers, revetment and stobs!