Tuesday, 23 November 2021


This is the first of many blog posts about a big project next year to protect the route to Bell House by improving waymarking and joining up some of the boardwalks we put in 3 years ago. 

The expectation is that following the 'Gallows Pole' being on TV next year the footfall on this route will increase significantly and some of the people using the path will have little experience of walking over this type of terrain. 

Consequently this project has two main aims:

  • We want to protect the fragile ecology of the wetter sections of the route 
  • We want to make sure it is clear where the route is so people don't get lost on the moor

Ray, Frank H, Ken and Rich went up to Bell House to do a detailed survey and costing for the repair of the route. 

The main section of moor that is badly damaged is marked in yellow


This is a path!!

Water management clearly needed

Using brightly coloured tape and Ken's drone we were able plot the exact position and length of boardwalks we need to put in. Here are some of the photos:

The first wet section

Joining up the boardwalks (one will need moving)

Section alongside a wall - very wet

Big drainage issue further on

 All we have to do now, is cost it all up, talk to the landowners, get permissions from Natural England and Calderdale Council, raise a shed load of money and hope that local fell runners (as they did last time) will help us with a 'carry' of very heavy timber!