Friday, 4 June 2021


Mick and Frank S were high above Ramsden Wood beside White Slack Clough which runs down from Cranberry Dam. Path 136 crosses several little streams feeding into the clough and is in need of serious attention. There are two patches of very soft ground, where it's difficult to walk without sinking up to your ankles. Years ago someone had laid stepping stones, but these had all submerged into the mud.

The first step was to dig ditches to get the water quickly across the path and let the ground dry out a bit. Here's the same view after the drain was in place. Already the water is flowing freely across the path. The stepping stones are back in place, so it's actually possible to walk along without sinking in.

Here's another drain to help the water from the bog above the path to quickly reach the bog below the path.

And here's another drain.

These are only temporary measures because the stepping stones will soon sink into the mud again. The aim is just to dry the ground a bit before the serious work starts. The worst patches of bog will be given boardwalks, and the adjacent stream will be given more than 20 steps down and then 20 more up again. Watch this space over the next few weeks.

Oh, and don't let all this talk of mud put you off. White Slack Clough is well worth a visit, as you'll see from this view looking up towards Cranberry Dam.

This programme of work is funded by a grant from Crook Hill Windfarm Community Fund.