Friday, 30 April 2021


 Daisy Bank Clough: 'Stepopolis'!

Yet another fine day for Ian V and Frank H to work in a sheltered suntrap (aka Daisy Bank Clough).

Here's the problem:

Steps need building from the end of the footbridge up the slope towards the stile.

The slope is unstable and contains multiple decayed remnants of several previous constructions.

The job needed some serious thought ...

... heads were scratched and the combined mental clout of four degrees in Physics or Engineering came up with an absolutely foolproof plan . . . ask Mick!

Unfortunately Mick was involved in shifting several tonnes of road scrapings so we battled on such that by early afternoon a flat platform led off the footbridge to three steps built into a stable section of the slope. 

By the end of the session a left-hand turn had been added so the steps crept ever closer to the stile.
Next week a right-hand turn will lead the steps to the stile, the tread areas will be in-filled, step-sides will be protected by revetment or banking and 'landscaping' will be carried out.

We then need to add some steps so the footbridge can be accessed from a path on the right but the foremost question is . . .  

. . . will next Friday also be fine and sunny or will it be 'The Revenge of the South Pennines'?  We'll let you know!