Wednesday, 6 January 2021

LOCKDOWN 3: Depot Tasks

 In-depot tasks

'Lockdown' version 3 has arrived! All CROWS usual tasks on rights-of-way have been suspended. However, some in-depot tasks are possible. 

Frank H was the lucky sole occupant of a depot that was slightly colder than the outside! The task? Post-top painting! This is not the most exciting of activities. Nor is it the most energetic!

Here the marker poles and marker posts are laid out with masking tape in place and ready for painting. One coat of yellow all-round, was followed by a brisk walk into Hebden Bridge and back to warm up before a second coat of touching up where needed. 

The poles and posts have been left to dry - not a swift process in a large, roomy but draughty former weaving shed! 

Tedious the task might have been but it did allow for thoughts on a suitable parody with which to start 2021. So, for entertainment (or otherwise!) and with apologies to Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) who wrote the original poem 'If', we have:

If . . . only!

If you can hit a nail when all about you
Are missing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can wield a bar when others doubt you,
And give their thumb a whack to make their doubts come true;
If you can dig a hole and not be tired by digging,
Or lie flat out to scoop the gritty soil,
Or pound in stones although your arms are aching,
And work all day regardless of the toil;

If you can saw and not remove your fingers,
And cut the wooden treads to be the same,
If you can haul a chunky length of timber
O'er moorland, as if it were a game;
If you rejoice in every outdoor minute
And feel satisfaction for a job well done . . .
Then yours is the tool bag and all that's in it,
And  - which is more - you'll be a CROW . . . 'tis fun!

Mmm! Perhaps a suitable vaccination can't come quickly enough!