Monday, 27 July 2020


Several pairs sessions over the last couple of weeks with Mick, Peter, Fred and Richard out.

Waymark put on post at an easy-to-miss junction on Todmorden 127 at Knowle Wood Delph above Walsden.

'Deceased' finger post on the Todmorden Centenary Way (pointing down to Gaddings). It's a long walk with tools to put it back in! On a list to do.

Waymark posts in place across Todmorden Golf course (work started before lockdown now completed)

Waymark post erected at junction of Todmorden 72 / 85

Bridge up from Barewise Bridge, Lydgate on Todmorden 72 now stripped of netting ready for renewing broken slats.

Waymark post erected at junction of  Todmorden paths 63 & 86 on Whittonstall Clough (below Shore Chapel)   


A gate above step stile repaired and treadboard repaired on Todmorden 54 running above Commons, Shore.

 Work funded by Todmorden Town Council