Tuesday, 28 July 2020


Here is a circular snapshot tour inside the new depot.

From l to r: woodwork bench, vertical storage rack for timber with
some overhead storage, mitre-saw bench with underbench storage.

From l to r: workbench with underbench storage, and administration corner.

From l to r: storage bay for cutting tools, and hanging rails for strimmer and trimmer.

From l to r: 'wet corner', rack for on-site equipment and cabinet for minor items.

From l to r: racks for general items and frame for vertical storage of  tools.

From l to r: more vertical storage frames for tools long and short.
It all looks very organised and has the added advantages of a high security steel door and discreet camera coverage.

The move has gone smoothly. Once we have constructed a couple of high platforms for 'not-used-very-often-items' and sorted suitable storage for paints, then we can fine-tune to maximize ease of accessibility and efficiency of working.

Funding from the Bearder Charity has helped considerably with this move. Many thanks.