Thursday, 21 May 2020


A few CROWS are combining 'taking exercise' with spotting jobs for when 'Lockdown' is unlocked! The job sheets pile up, but under current social distancing measures, not much work is possible. Nature, however, continues to flourish!

CROW in Halifax!

Goose and heroic brood of
goslings in Mytholmroyd.

Fast-fading bluebells in Nutclough.

For your entertainment (or otherwise) here's a 'pangram' for Spring. (A pangram is a piece of prose or verse made up of 26 words. The initial letters of the words are in alphabetical order. X, Y & Z can be particularly tricky! In the following, xenogamous means cross-fertilization)


Apple blossom circles down,

Effortlessly finding grace.

Hurrying insects journey,

Kissing lonely moors -

Now on pollen quest,

Resting seldom.

Trees undulate, vibrant with

Xenogamous, yearly zeal.

It will soon be summer. If CROWS are not out working by then, It'll have to be another 'pangram'!