Monday, 10 February 2020


Our depot had over three feet of water in it overnight.

We were greeted by no lighting, a jumble of timber and equipment that had been floating around for a while and lots of silt after the water had disappeared down some sump drains.


 After Frank S produced some lanterns, Eleanor, Ginny, Frank S, Nigel, Bernard, Graham Lowe (first CROWS session) and Rich set about .....

  • Clearing up the scattered timber to create some corridors
  • Chucking out ruined materials
  • Hosing and sluicing the floors
  • Cleaning and oiling some equipment 
  • Emptying out drawers and containers of materials that were full of water
  • Drying out some power equipment (thanks to our neighbour's hair dryer)
  • Washing down surfaces
  • Taking stuff to the tip

Although much of our equipment and materials were stored high up and remained dry, it looks like we lost one of our strimmers and some of our power tools.

Still more to do, but we may be up and running for Wednesday's work party.