Wednesday, 12 February 2020

MYTHOLMROYD DEPOT:- the clean-up continues

Mopping-up (Part 3)

Outdoor working sessions were postponed today as a squad comprising RJ, Fred, Graham R, Frank H and Paul pitched into the sorting, cleaning, spraying, oiling and chucking out routine established by the groups on Mon and Tue.

The pile of debris stacked outside the depot late yesterday afternoon had already been cleared by Calderdale Council and a skip for general use appeared later in the morning. This promptness was most welcome.

The day comprised a steady effort of clearing mud off workbenches and worksurfaces; checking contents of waterlogged containers, toolbags and survey kits; and doing a general clean and disinfect. These were not exciting tasks!
However, the depot is now sufficiently cleared such that one more session should see it fully functional. Amongst the losses are some electrical items (despite their relatively high storage position) and we will have to replace the dust extractor (aka a 'bagged' cylinder vacuum cleaner!) for the power saw and cordless appliances such as drills, hedge trimmer and sander.

Fred and Frank H did an extra half-hour after the cleaning to fix wall brackets for the hosepipe. This was a fortuitous bit of 'overtime' as pupils (with adult supervision) from Calder Primary School appeared to distribute 'goody' bags of tasty biscuits. Many thanks for your thoughtfulness.

Thanks too to the Mytholmroyd 'Flood Team' who provided us with cleaning materials etc when our own supplies were running low.

Pictures of today's work may appear later if Graham's camera has survived the disinfectant-rich atmosphere! . . . it did and here they are . . . although the excitement is minimal!
We are getting there.