Wednesday, July 4, 2018


Richard, Ginny and Rich surveyed Gaddings Dam to identify where new marker posts will go.
We then did more Calderdale Way waymarking.

A busy junction at Lumbutts
As part of commemorating the 40th anniversary, over the last month we have waymarked the Calderdale Way from Clay House, West Vale to Luddenden. We put on the 70th Calderdale waymark on this session. Only Luddenden to Brockholes left to do (Calderdale Countryside Service are waymarking Eastern end).

This work was funded by Calderdale Long Distance Walkers Association

Meanwhile  the Dream Team (Gerald, Paul, Stella and Stuart) tackled 8 rotting slats on the bridge at Blake Dean, and put in 3 of the 4 steps needed just beyond.  Going back next week to replace 13 more slats and finish the steps.
Replacing 3 of the 8 slats.
Only 13 more to go.....

Lunch break