Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Two and a half gangs out today.
Stella, Gerald, Paul and Stuart went to Blake Dean to complete the work on the footbridge and steps from last week.  The path is rugged at best, and the steps ease the way at some critical points
stretching & stapling the wire

The last 2 slats go in on the bridge
Sorting the wire

last week's step 1
last week's step 2

today's step before...
...and after

This work was supported by the National Trust

Bernard and Graham went to Colden to finish replacing risers on some Pennine Way steps, prior to an aggregate delivery in a week or two.

This work was funded by Calderdale Highways

Frank H and Fred's job at Hardcastle Crags had to be deferred until next week because Fred was unwell . . . after going on holiday! However this provided an opportunity for Frank to complete some 'in-house' jobs and to sort out some minor tasks for the White Ribbon organisation. Hence:-  cellar steps improved (slightly); shears sharpened (possibly!); risers cut (carefully); stobs cut (approximately); mitre-saw cleaned up (beautifully) and jammed door/flood-board in WR rectified (ingeniously). All in such sauna-like conditions, that Frank is now a few kilos lighter!