Friday, June 1, 2018


A gang of four today:- Mick, Gerald, Frank H and Frank S. A small but select group with MC as MoC.

'For the want of a nail . . . '

. . .  or so the nursery rhyme goes, encompassing shoe, horse, battle and kingdom! In our case however, it was merely a footbridge. There were numerous cross-treads to replace with four nails per cross-tread. Down went the treads, as did the supply of nails. Rapidly!! It got less ... and less  ... and less, until ... Mmm! Well counted, Mick! All treads secure and a completely empty nail tin!

Footbridge before repairs.
There not much we can do about the edging board until Mick gets a longer car, but the damaged treads need removing and new ones inserted as needed.

Damaged section repair; view 01.

Damaged section repair; view 02.

Two lengths of securing wire added, parallel to the edges of the footbridge.

We also repacked one of the end piers and did some minor drainage work on the paths leading to and from the footbridge. All-in-all, efficiently completed tasks in an idyllic location.