Wednesday, June 13, 2018

MIDGELY MOOR: Churn Milk Joan

Three teams out today! Team 1: Frank H and Graham. Team 2 Stella, Gerald and Stuart. Team 3 Bernard, Dick and Fred.

Frank H and Graham went onto Midgley Moor to work just below the Churn Milk Joan standing stone.

'A lonely stone
Afloat in the stone heavings of emptiness
Keeps telling her tale . . . '

(Ted Hughes: Remains of Elmet, 1979)

As the full version of Hughes' poem suggests, it is unlikely that the milkmaid (Churn Milk Joan) ever existed. If she had, and had available the type of work CROWS did today she would have survived the blizzard . . . . but consequently would never have passed into local folklore!

Marker posts and waymarking were the problems for today.

Some posts were down:

Marker post out of hole.

Post re-positioned, waymarks added and top painted.

Some posts were missing:

Confusing fork in path, especially for walkers trying to follow the Calderdale Way.

New marker post with signage, as needed, on three sides for Public Footpath, Calderdale Way and Churn Milk Joan route.

Some needed restoration:

Loose old post now in place with new waymarks and painted top.
Don't forget the map.

Post painting.

During the day we were visited by the landowner and his brother
who were surveying drainage problems on the moor.
Our improvements were given the thumbs up. 

Overall, one new post was put in place; three loose posts were completely dug out to be re-positioned; five smaller posts were 'firmed' up and tops were painted . . . until the paint ran out!
The re-positioned posts all carry a 'lifetime guarantee'  . . . although what this actually means is still puzzling Frank and Graham!