Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Frank, Rich and Paul worked on the Calderdale Way above Hippins.

First job was a broken ladder stile which had several rotted sections

Bottom rung gone and other rungs insecure

New rung and newly placed landing stone (other rungs reinforced)

 One side of the bridge over Staups goit had completely rotted through so was pretty dangerous (scary). On the advice of Calderdale Highways we went up to dismantle it.

Nearside stringer completely rotted

Slats removed
The rotted timber

We then discovered the other side was ok, so by sawing it in half we constructed a smaller bridge nearer the wall.

It won't last forever but is a lot safer than it was before
We then went on to the Calderdale Way below Great Rock to deal with a drainage problem. The origins of the problem are unclear so all we could do is to rearrange some random stones so people could get along it.

They don't look pretty but a couple of walkers managed to use them.
Dick, Richard and Fred went up to Erringden Moor to finish putting in some marker posts and bring all the tools back to the depot.

Stella and Stuart went back up to Wood Top, Cragg Vale to continue clearing the path. Still more to do.