Wednesday, May 9, 2018


 The Coiners Big Carry on Bell House Moor part 1

A cooler but sunny day provided good conditions for the Public part of the Big Carry on the moor.

Runners, Cyclists and Walkers joined volunteers from CROWS to carry timber over the moor where the boardwalks are being installed.

Advance Party.
Coiners Barn car park. Where are the helpers?
They must have walked/biked in .
Arrival by bike.

Start of the carry.

Up to the moor edge.

Ginny with pegs.
Fell runner with pegs.

Fell runners on the way.

Chatters and R J starting out.

Mo from Walkers Action.

More pegs.

Up the hill.

Runners with stretcher.

Walkers with stretcher.

A few more to go yet.

R J guiding the way.

Materials ready for the next stage of the project.

That's enough for one day.