Wednesday, February 7, 2018

HARDCASTLE CRAGS: Slurring Rock Path

Two gangs in action at Hardcastle Crags on a day that was cold, but blue-skied and sunny.

Dick and Frank H continued the step-building from two weeks ago.
One set of steps now completed.

Steps now in place to negotiate a rock boulder. Just a bit of in-fill and landscaping to do.
And what did it look like originally? Well, like this!

The original upward sloping path and awkward, high rock step.
A second set of steps was also constructed further along the path:- fortunately, a straightforward task presenting no technical difficulties.

Meanwhile, from the other end of the Slurring Rock Path, Bernard's navvies (aka Dave, Ian, RJ, Paul, Stella and Stuart) dug, widened and levelled the route ever nearer to the above steps. The line is now well established but will be enhanced by revetment and steps as needed.

"Navigators, navigators rise up and be strong
For the morning is here and there's work to be done . . ."
(The Pogues, 1985)